Listing of IHF Facilities

///Listing of IHF Facilities

Listing of IHF Facilities

The search function listed below provides access to a list of independent health facilities (IHF) licensed in the Province of Ontario under the Independent Health Facilities Act (IHFA). This search function allows for a search based on the city, facility name or service.  For cities that have undergone amalgamation you may need to search under all the names that comprise the current municipal structure.

The search results will list all the IHFs that meet the criteria including the facility name, address, telephone number, list of licensed IHF services and the results of the last quality assurance assessment.  If you require assistance with locating an IHF please contact the Independent Health Facilities Program (IHFP) at 613-548-6637 or by email at:

The service(s) listed are those that each independent health facility is specifically licensed to provide in accordance with the provisions of the IHFA. The facility may or may not provide other services that are not regulated under the IHFA.

See the independent health facilities fact sheet (PDF) for additional information about quality assurance and other matters relating to licensed Independent Health Facilities.

The material posted on these webpage pages is proved for information purposes only.  For further details see Disclaimer and Important Notices.



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