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Breast ultrasound is a simple, painless test that uses high frequency sound waves to look at the tissues inside the breast. Breast ultrasound does not use X-rays. For Breast ultrasound examination you will be lying face up on the exam table with your hand over your head. The ultrasound technologist will apply a warm gel over your breast and sweep a small device called a transducer over your entire breasts and the pictures are displayed on the screen.

Breast ultrasound is done for the following reasons

  • Feels a lump
  • If there are indistinct or abnormal areas detected on a mammogram by the radiologist
  • To evaluate a palpable lump detected on physical examination
  • To differentiate if the lump noted is either a fluid- filled cyst or solid nodule
  • Breast implants
  • Fibrocystic breast disease
  • Dense or painful breast
  • Used during fine needle aspiration for removal of fluid from a cyst

Breast ultrasound is not used as a screening tool. It is used only to complement mammogram. It is very important to remember that Breast Ultrasound is not a substitute for Mammogram, which is still a gold standard for imaging of the breasts. The examination of both breasts takes approximately 20 – 30 minutes