Infertility ultrasound is used in the assessment and management of women who are having difficulty conceiving.

Ultrasound is used to “see” structures in the female abdomen and pelvis.  This type of ultrasound requires a full  bladder so that the sound waves could be transmitted more easily into the pelvis.  Just about every other type of infertility ultrasound is done using a vaginal ultrasound.  The image quality is superior with vaginal ultrasound since the ultrasound probe is much closer to the pelvic organs like the uterus and ovaries.

An infertility ultrasound is an important test for women experiencing difficulty conceiving. First, an infertility ultrasound will verify that the uterus and both ovaries are present.  The size, shape and position of the uterus are recorded. Masses within the uterus called fibroid can be measured and mapped. The ovaries can also be measured.  A common abnormal finding on an infertility ultrasound is ovarian cysts. Most often, ovarian cysts are simply evidence of a growing egg or evidence of recent ovulation.


Just want to tell you that I’ve been coming to your Yonge & Eglington office for years. Today there was a different person doing ultrasounds who was absolutely fantastic. Next time I’m due for an ultrasound I will follow her to wherever location she will be at. Very professional & very friendly. Please let her manager know how great she is. But probably knows it already. Thank you.
-I. K.
The ultrasound technician is fantastic! I had my ultrasound appointment switched to the Eglinton location last minute and she came to this location to do my ultrasound! She was on time very professional and very pleasant! She made me feel comfortable and I would recommend the Bluewater imaging located at Wilson and Keele location for future tests! Thank you for a good experience!